What The Daily Show Misses is Even Scarier

The Daily Show
I love the Daily Show. John Stewart's diatribe/expose on the American Diet is funny and scary as all get out. He makes some great points about the lack of regulation of ingredients in what we eat and the overall health. But what he misses is even scarier.

Watch the whole video through, but pay attention to the news sections in the last half where news shows are announcing what different manufacturers are doing. What John misses is that those bits of actual news content - aren't news content at all. They're paid commercials.

Who aired that paid-for infomercial masquerading as a a news story? Good Morning America - or ABC News.

So if ABC News is willing to sell out the content of their news show to the highest bidder, how can you know what is news - and what is a sales pitch?

The reality is that you can't. It's time to filter everything - from any source - no matter how reputable (including here) through your brain for a sanity check. Is it real? Is it news? Is someone paying or making money on this?

As for Robin's Nest Cottage - we're a small Home and Garden Magazine that gets paid by the ads you see around the page. Hopefully they're not to bothersome. We don't get to pick what they are. They just show up. We don't have millions of dollars in advertising trying to sway opinion. 99% of our advertising is word of mouth (so, seriously - like share this on Facebook or something...)

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Weird, huh? Let us know what you think in the comments below.