The Best Pan for Brownies

Everyone knows that the best part of a brownie is the edge. They even have brownie pans that wind all over the place so you get nothing but edges. Clever, but I've owned two and they are a pain to clean.

The thing is that they have edges - but hard edges that you can't clean. What makes the edge of a brownie so good is that you have the crunchy edge next to the chewy middle.

Most pans focus on edges - but create corners that don't add to the texture and are hard to clean.

The simple solution is a donut pan. Pick the size you want depending on portion - or mix em up to add some texture like in the picture above. You can pick them up on Amazon:

It has the right amount of surface area to give that crunchy edge - but since it's round, it just wipes clean. Genius.
Image courtesy Robin's Nest Cottage Creative Commons License